Appliance Discounts

Save Money When Buying Appliances With Arw's Appliances Discount Program


Save Money When Buying Appliances With Arw's Appliances Discount Program

Through our affiliation with major manufacturers we are able to offer discounted prices on home appliances to our customers, so they can enjoy even more savings. Active American Residential Warranty customers can receive an access code that will allow them to shop online from the comfort of their home at participating manufacturers’ websites for home appliances at discounted prices. These manufacturers include popular name-brand appliances, installation and haul-away services may also be available at a discount. Home appliance discounts can range up to 30% off the retail price.

How ARW Home Warranties Work

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Verify Your Warranty Coverage

Please call 800-910-7957 or use the form below to contact ARW to verify your existing coverage.


Learn About The Appliance Discount Program

An ARW representative will explain to you the benefits and process of using the appliance discount program.


Buy Your Appliances

You will receive an email that will include links to the manufacturer's website, and instructions for setting up your account on each website. You are now ready to enjoy your savings!


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When an older home appliance or system, covered by an American Residential Warranty plan, experiences a mechanical failure due to normal wear and tear, homeowners can elect to receive an appliance repair allowance (also known as a “cash-out") by our company in lieu of having the appliance or system repaired. This option allows homeowners to apply the repair allowance that they receive towards a new home appliance or system at a discounted rate.

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